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Often we hear complaints that the work day we become more and more alone. In fact, our lifestyle choices to be working properly followed by the realization that no single company in this earth who declared negative growth of each portfolio. And it always means a bigger challenge this year than the previous year. In addition, we themselves had always demanded more to the company. The proof, every year we want a raise. So normal that we do more work for the company, and the company gives us more prosperity. But, if we have a large enough capacity to adapt to the increasing demands of the company?

You certainly know the rubber band. If we buy rice packets, usually parcel bound by a rubber band. First era; rubber band is not just a tool to tie something, but rather a tool impressive game. Rubber bracelets can be used for any game. Start of jump rope, guitar-gitaran, cap pistol, slingshots, and inflatable race and other games of its kind so much. I did not find any other materials that could be used for a variety of games such as rubber bands.
However, of the many uses of rubber bands, there is an interesting character he had. That is; its ability to elongate follow the pull or strain. Suddenly I realized that the rubber band save an important lesson for us. Ie, about the capacity of ourselves. Consider, a rubber band look so graceful. However, behind kegemulaiannya that he hides himself very great capacity. When the rubber band confronted with objects much larger than the circle, then he put ‘potential savings’ to offset the amount of the claim. By doing so, he was always able to adjust to the size of the object to be tied. He can adapt to the strain it receives. In other words, a rubber band has the capacity of self greater than the state as seen from the outside.
In our work in any way. People who have great self capacity is always able to receive a greater challenge. Miraculously, the greater the challenge it receives; the greater the capacity themselves. So the day, these people become more and more severe course. And, as he became more intense; then the company gave him more and more. Then there was a state of what I call the ‘satisfaction circle’. A great challenge to make themselves bigger capacity. Produces a relatively large capacity high performance. A high-performance push compensation and rewards are high. High reward spawned high morale. High morale encourage people to continue to improve. Improve self enlarge the capacity themselves. And so on, so timbulah employee satisfaction and corporate side.
While people who have the capacity themselves are small; will not be able to accommodate the demands of a company that is increasingly rising. Thus, this person would quickly come to a state that we commonly refer to as ‘stuck’. The human resource development practitioners believe that people who ‘had stuck’ can not be developed anymore. So, for they are only 2 alternatives; namely, retained to perform routine jobs. Or, immediately sent home because they can not follow the development of the company.
Therefore, we have no other choice but to make sure that we are large enough capacity to accommodate the demands of the company. For that, there are several important steps we need to do.
First, understand that self-development is a personal responsibility.
We have to encourage the self-development process. Instead of waiting for other people or companies that do it for us. Why? Because people do not necessarily have a high commitment to develop ourselves. And the company has many limitations to invest funds for the development of all its employees.
Second, challenge yourself.
Many people are happy if given an easy job. Though it was dangerous. Therefore, instead of increasing the capacity of themselves; but diminishing. Instead, we must ensure that we are always conditioned to handle tough jobs. In order to further the skills of our ever increasing. And the quality of our higher self. Thus, the greater the capacity ourselves from day to day.
Thirdly, do these things consistently.
We can not stop to grow. Therefore, the stop is the beginning of a setback. A car that continues to advance relentlessly will not be able to reverse. Therefore, before pulling he must first stop. So also with us. If we can make sure to continue to grow endlessly, then we will avoid setbacks. By doing so, we will always be able to increase the capacity of ourselves.
And, like a rubber band; we thus have the ability to adjust to the demands of the company. Thus, the leaders of the company to conclude that we are the ones who can be relied upon. And deserves a chance.

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